Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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National Center for Campus Journalism

The National Center for Campus Journalism


Project Title
The National Center for Campus Journalists (NCCJ)

Project Proponent
College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP)

Project Holder
Jose A. Cosido, CEGP National President

Project Coordinator
Gerg Anrol Cahiles, CEGP Business Manager

Office Address
RM 102 National Press Club Building
Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila

Telefax and E- mail Address
(02) 5243927/

Project Cost
Php 2, 000, 000. 00 (Two Million Pesos)


Student journalists are important elements in schools. Events and information are relayed to its immediate readers through issues of student newspapers. The usual content of campus papers are events, ideas and issues that concerns the students. Advanced practices of campus organs manifest studies about the social situation.

The immediate readers- the students, on the other hand expect much from issues of student newspapers. In campuses, the newspapers have been the source of information.

As members of the press, the student journalists have been involved in campaigns that uphold press freedom. They had joined hands with the members of the mainstream media in condemning harassments and murders. The young journalists do not only publish articles and commentaries on its issues, but they physically join mobilizations that call to end media gag.

The practices and standards of journalism are also exercised by the campus press. The mainstream performance of news and information delivery should also be inculcated in the minds of the budding writers of the society, thus developing their career at the young age is important.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) plays a vital role in honing the talents of the student journalists. It is also important in educating the young writers about the principles journalism and the causes that they should advance. Now celebrating 75 years of existence, the Guild looks forward to carry forward the interests of the campus press.


To consolidate further the young writers, a physical structure that will fulfill the requisites of the Guild’s cause is very important. A base to document cases of harassment on campus press freedom, venue for meetings and trainings and other activities of student journalists should be established.

The ‘National Center for Campus Journalism’ (NCCJ) will complete this goal. A four storey building will rise to uphold the interests of the young journalists and its readers.

The NCCJ is a structural building for campus journalists. Venues of meetings, trainings and other related activities will be provided by this center.

The following are the target units of the NCCJ.

Administration (Offices)
A. College Editors Guild of the Philippines (National Office)
B. CEGP Alumni Association

A. Center for the Protection of Campus Journalists
B. Research and Studies Regarding Campus Journalism
C. Publication Department
D. Library and Archives

2 Conference Halls

1 Audio- Visual Room

1 Art Room


Roof Top

Primarily, the main focus of this project is to consolidate the members of the campus press. As a center, different departments shall provide the young journalists a place to hone their skills in journalism and to sharpen their analyses on issues, thereby produces competent, skilled and clever student journalists.

The site will foster the documentation of campus press freedom violations and other related cases of repressions. Cases of repressions, harassment and others will be compiled and will be given actions base on the Guild’s capacity. A pool of lawyers will be one of its significant elements. Thus, the center shall also give education on how to handle and what actions that should be taken by the harassed and repressed members of the campus press.

Research and studies about campus journalism will also be provided by the center. Archives of different school organs in the country will be set up for reference. It will cater to the academe and other institutions of the society who are in need of the studies.

As members of the press, media practice will be exercised by the student journalists. As young writers, investigative journalisms and reporting will be one of its regular projects. Through the CEGP website, publications and other forms will be the medium of the said reports. Issues that concern the students, youth and the people will be the focus of investigations.

Finally, it will house both the former and the present leadership of the CEGP. The national office of the Guild and the Alumni Association will hold their offices at the NCCJ. They are the primary administrators of the buildings.


The campus press and the students are the prime beneficiaries of the building. The NCCJ as the structure of the national center for the advancement of campus press freedom will give attention to cases of violations against the young writers. The students on the other hand will also benefit from the protection of campus press freedom as the immediate readers of the school organs.

The academe will also gain from the researches and studies provided by the center. Schools and other institutions are free to visit and make inquiries about the trends, latest issues and other activities of campus journalists.

In general, the center will help both the student journalists and its readers. Whether they are the immediate or the extended readership of the publications.

Since the center will promote investigative journalism by young writers, the Filipino people will benefit from the information given by the alternative press.


The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) is an alliance of tertiary student publications. It is one of the largest and oldest existing youth organizations in the country. Celebrating its 75th founding anniversary on July 25, 2006, the Guild has more than 700 member publications from 68 formations in the country.

It is acknowledge as the national center for the advancement of campus press freedom.

True to its patriotic and democratic orientations, it involves itself to different socio- political activities such as education drive and other causes.

The Guild also believes that the standard of journalism should be practiced by the members of the campus press. That is why, CEGP is known in catering journalism skills training not only to its members but even to aspiring journalists in campuses.

CEGP Regular Projects

Lunduyan- the annual Luzon wide journalism and art workshop. Now on its seventh year, it fosters the skills enhancement of budding writers and artists.

Lanog- inspired by Lunduyan, it is the Mindanao wide version of the island wide convention. Lanog is now on its fifth year of catering to members of the campus press.

Lubas- the Visayas version of Lanog and Lunduyan.

National Student Press Convention- CEGP’s annual national education festival. It equips the budding journalists the skills in publication management and journalism.

National Guilder- is the quarterly publication of the Guild. It contains issues that promote the orientation of the organization. Its readership reaches a national scope.

Noypi (News Outlet of the Young Pinoy)- a monthly publication managed by campus journalists. Its circulation is at the national capital region and reaches the nearby provinces in Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog.


December 2006- December 2008


From December 2006, the fund drive for the building will start. A bank account for the said project will be opened as ‘time deposit’. Alumni, politicians, and other reliable allies can contribute to the finance of the building.

Material support is also welcome as long as the building starts its operation. Meaning, before and during its construction, financial aid is its primary need.